About A Rug

I bought a new rug yesterday at Home Depot. The one near the back door of “my” sunroom was fraying and regularly stressing my vacuum.

I had been walking through Home Depot, pretty satisfied that I could remember where to find duct tape and zip ties (for Royal Oak in Bloom set up, seriously!) On the way out, I came across this small bin with stripped mats. One caught my eye … it had this Frozen Blue aka turquoise color along with tweed variations of grey. It struck me And it was on clearance. So I grabbed it.

A new mat had been on my Home Improving List for a while  I put off buying one because either the price wasn’t right or the mat didn’t “grab me.”

So excited, I cut off the tag in the car before I walked in the door and an unfurled it proudly to take its new place.

Problem: It was WAY too long. It wasn’t door size at all. Damn! I guess I didn’t look at sizing before I selected it.

So now what to do …

See, I liked it immediately when I saw it. You might say I was drawn to it. And the fact of the matter is … I like it still. So it doesn’t fit perfectly. So it’s technically the wrong size for the space. It looks great to me. My cat even likes it. She rolled all over it and sat on it as soon as I set it out. She stretches out and sleeps on it.


So, I chose to make it work. To keep it exactly where it is. It may not technically be “right” for the space. But it’s the right rug for me.

Life is like that. There isn’t one cookie cutter answer that’s “correct” for all. Each one of us is an individual with unique needs, goals, desires, talents and personalities. We need different things to be all we are meant to be … We only restrict and limit ourselves by accepting or allowing a “one size fits all” perspective to dominate our ability to live honestly, authentically and joyfully.

So there it is. People are different. What they need and what works best for them is … well … up to them. And if they want to use a rug that’s a little too big but they like it, well I say live and let live. As Prince would say, we are “gathered together to get thru this thing called life” … how we do it, well, that’s a personal choice. It’s okay to Go Crazy and buy a rug just because you like the way it looks and find the way that works for you to keep it in your life.

As for Ellie and me, we like the rug. So it’s staying …

— Jenni





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