Enough … Enough Now

I bought a new car today.

Well, technically, I didn’t buy it. I leased it. And, I didn’t actually drive away in it today, but I signed all the key papers. All that’s left to do is set up the insurance, payoff the old and turn in the keys. Then, a new Oxford White 2017 Ford Escape SE will be mine.

My new car to-be doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. But it has the ones most important to me … sunroof, 9-speaker sound system, large touch Sync screen and oh, a backseat cupholder — very important to my daughter. It doesn’t have leather, heated seats. But, it does have a super cool remote start that works from my iPhone. Bottom line, I gave up a few niceties to get myself into a vehicle that suits me better.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. A push button start would have been nice. Platinum White would be have been cool too … just that hint of shimmer. But, it’s not necessary. It’s a car. It takes me from here to there, and I’ll get there in style. But, I’ll also get there able to enjoy life along the way. I sacrificed the push button start for the joy of a manicure or spa day, night out with friends, vacation, college payments, and adventures, experiences and outings that a higher car payment might have curtailed.

Before I made this change, I walked on the Dark Side. Took my Edge in for a repair and was handed the keys to a 2017 Escape Titanium that had all the bells and whistles. Have to admit that I was dazzled and enjoyed the seduction. Opened the sunroof wide, cranked the stereo, and thrilled at the ease of that push button start. Glorious! Yet, that trip helped me to discover what I really wanted and what I could live without.

You can’t always get what you want, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones sang. But you can get what you need. What I needed was a car that better suited who I am. And today, I made that happen.

I’d driven the same car for 13 years before I made my last change to a 2013 Ford Edge. In preparation, I did research. I took test drives. I looked around. Then, only after much discussion, I went to the dealer, got the car and features I wanted, and drove it home.

But, it never truly fit me. It was always a little too big. I pulled in and out of parking spaces, adjusting to find center. Backing up and turning was awkward. And even on the road, I found myself a little closer to center than I should be. It was a great car — is a great car. And I will miss the heated leather seats and larger trunk. I’m glad I had the chance to drive it. To learn from it. That car and I had some great times, and I made many memories during our miles together. Laughter. Travels. Outings. Conversations sitting in it. A wrong turn on the way to Fisherman’s Island. Anyway, lots of great times took place in our 4 years/49,121 miles together.

A random rental helped me discover what was truly important to me for the next chapter in my travels. This car decision happened fast. I trusted my instincts, though. And I’m so very glad I did. The 2017 Escape is similar to my 1999 CR-V. The style and size fit me. Sitting behind the wheel feels right. And I look amazing driving it 🙂

Yeah, I gave up a few options at this time in my life. But the way I figure it you can’t always have Dom Perignon or Jameson Irish Whiskey. Heck, sometimes don’t always need a Blue Moon. It’s okay to drink Tea with a friend … as long as the company is good. As long as you feel you truly fit where you are. Connected and Authentic. You don’t have to have all the trappings to enjoy time. Life is only as complicated as we choose to make it.

We all have wants, desires, hopes and dreams. We fight and adapt, explore and adjust in our efforts to survive and find our truth. I wouldn’t trade a mile of my journey. This experience gelled that for me. And though I’ve had to give up some things I truly enjoyed and wanted along my road, sometimes it is Enough to have had them for a time … and Enough Now to drive with a few fewer options.

So on Friday at Noon, I’ll begin a new adventure. Not sure where it will take me. I’m curious. But in those famous Love Actually words: “Enough … Enough Now.”

Let’s see where I Escape to next …

— Jenni






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